Sword Reviews

Sword Reviews

Sword reviews site. Samurai sword, medieval sword, sabre, rapier, fantasy sword and weapons reviews. Armor, knife and gun reviews. Sword manufacturers. Rate your favourite swords, weapons, guns and armor. Send us your own reviews.

King Solomon Sword Deluxe Review

Sword of King Solomon Deluxe by Marto review. Luxury ancient sword of the legendary king. The best Solomon sword available.

Templar Sword Silver by Marto Review

Templar Sword Silver by Marto Review. Beautiful, decorative Knights Templar sword.

Cold Steel Warrior Katana Review

Cold Steel Warrior Series Katana Review. Cold Steel model 88BKW. Samurai Sword reviews.

Marto Excalibur Sword Review

Marto Excalibur Sword Review. Gold and silver Excalibur fantasy sword Marto 752 rating. Beautiful fantasy sword of King Arthur.

Anduril Sword Review

Anduril Sword Review. Anduril sword UC1380 from United Cutlery. Anduril (Flame of The West), Lord of The Rings sword review.

Cold Steel Shamshir Review

Cold Steel Shamshir Review. Stunning Persian sword (sabre) for all sword collectors.

Marto Armory-Marto Swords Toledo

Marto Armory

Marto Armory. MartoSwordsToledo.com sword store reviews. The sword store selling display Marto swords made in Toledo.

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